In many scenarios there's a possibility that our Support Team is going to ask you to confirm NTP configuration on your host.

This is a quick guide on how to confirm NTP settings on your ESXi hypervisor host

Step 1: Verify Date and Time settings from SynetoOS Cli

  • Connect to SynetoOS CLI using SSH
  • After login as root insert the following input to gather appliance time settings


  • If the output of the above is not correct you can fix it with the following

    (Feel free to replace the server address as needed)

  • Date must be correctly set in both SynetoOS and ESXI

Step 2: Access ESXi Web Gui


Step 3: Go to Time & Date management tab

  • From your Host> Manage menù go to System and open the Time & Date panel

Step 4: Confirm NTP service is running

  • On the Time & Date panel you should see the NTP services with status Running
  • NTP configuration is required  on the hypervisor set with a local server address

Step 5: If Service si not running

  • Be sure the NTP service is enable

While trying to start the NTP service you could find the following error:
Update Date Time Config
Update the date and time on the host
Failed - Cannot change the host configuration.

  • To fix the above error, check and confirm your DNS configurations

  • If DNS settings are correct but issue remains, proceed to connect on to ESXCLi through SSH and insert the following 
    /etc/init.d/ntpd status
    /etc/init.d/ntpd start

Step 6: Add NTP Local Server

  • In your Time & Date panel click on Edit NTP settings
  • Configure your NTP local Server Address  and enable the protocol