On this article you can find all steps required to eliminate a datastore using SynetoOS CLI in scenarios where you are unable to proceed from GUI as normally :

How to delete a datastore using CLI commands

Step 1: Connect to SynetoOS CLI

Step 2: List all datasets

  • zfs list
    For this guide we will use as example the datastore Testdatastore

Step 3: Eliminate the Datastore

  • # zfs destroy -f -r <datastore path>

Workaround for failed operation

It is possible that the above inputs are not enough and you might receive an error reporting something like this:

cannot destroy snapshot <snapshot path>: dataset is busy

This happens when the datastore has a protection schedule process pending or locked

Step 1: List buy snapshots

zfs get -Ht snapshot userrefs | grep -v $'\t'0 | cut -d $'\t' -f 1 | tr '\n' '\0' | xargs -0 zfs holds

Step 2: Release block on snapshot

zfs release -r keep <snapshot path>

If this actions do not resolve the issue, get in touch with our support team for further troubleshooting