On this article you'll gather all requirements to allow IP changes to be applied on SynetoOS, ESXI and IPMI 

Preconditions for SynetoOS and ESXI changes:

Vm's and datastores must be shutdown, unregister and unmounted

IP Address Changes Guide

Change SynetoOS  IP address 

Step 1: Shut down all VM's except SynetoOS and SynetoFileRecovery from ESXI GUI
Step 2: After shutdown Unregister the vm's

Step 3: Unmount all datastores from SynetoOS GUI

  • To unmount a datastore go navigate in to the Details tab
  • Under Mounted on you'll find the Change option, click on it

  • Unmark the host where the datastore is currently mounted and select Update

Step 4: From Utilities menù access Adapters panel
Step 5: Select VMXNet and proceed to edit

Step 6: Modify as needed

This could take a few moments, please wait

In some cases you could receive a network error as shown bellow, this alert can be ignored


Change ESXI Hypervisor IP address

Step 1: Access ESXi GUI

Step 2: Go to  VMkernel Nics tab

  • From Networking panel open VMkernel Nics tab

Step 3:Edit vmk0

  • Open vmk0 and access the edit settings panel

Step 4: Modify address as needed and save changes

  • Expand IPV4 settings and modify address and Subnet mask as needed



Step 1: Open TCP/IP Stack tab 

  • From Networking panel navigate to TCP/IP Stack tab
  • Select the Default TCP/IP Stack and Edit settings

Step 2: Modify your Gateway address

Change IPMI IP address

Step 1: Longin to IPMI GUI

Step 2: Access Configuration Panel

Step 3: Open Network tab and apply changes