An RMA is an authorization granted by Syneto to repair or replace a product covered by warranty.

In the context of an RMA procedure, the meaning of “Product” is limited to the hardware components that are part of the Product and that are necessary for its operation, regardless of the software.

The "Customer" represents the company or person who placed the order for a Product from Syneto. A “User” represents any entity to which a Syneto Product has been delivered.


A User who is not a Customer cannot activate an RMA procedure and must return any defective Product through the Customer from whom it was purchased (normally your reseller).

Limited warranty

The warranty period for a Syneto Product starts from the date of purchase and is limited to a period directly linked to the activated support plan.


Collection documents will be forwarded to the Customer, who will apply collection receipt outside the packaging. If the collection does not take place within 5 days, the requester should contact Syneto. The damaged Product must be returned to Syneto within 30 days of receiving the new Product. If not received within this period, an invoice will be issued for the replacement.


A Customer may contact Syneto Customer Support to submit an RMA request by providing the following mandatory information:

1. Serial number of the physical unit;

2. Brief description of the problem;

3. Information on the company: name, address, contact person and phone number.

To allow faster processing of the request, Syneto may also request further information, by e-mail or by phone, to correctly diagnose the cause of the defect.

In the event that Syneto Customer Support, during the resolution of a problem, should determine that a specific component of the Product has malfunctions and must be replaced, Customer Support will initiate the RMA procedure.

If the Customer does not provide all the requested information by 3:00 pm (CET), the replacement within the next business day will be suspended until the missing information is received.

The Customer will be immediately provided with a tracking number for the new Product and instructions for returning the damaged one. The damaged Product shipment will be paid by Syneto.

Customers with SuperPro and Mission Critical support plans are entitled to receive Syneto technical personnel on-site to perform hardware replacement activities, initiate system recovery and perform diagnostic checks to validate the new environment.


The status of a RMA request can be monitored from the Syneto support portal, using the ticket ID assigned during the RMA request phase.