A DOA unit represents any Syneto hardware product that can be in the following two possible states at the time of the initial inspection:

1. does not comply with the customer's order;

2. not working (eg. the unit does not turn on or there're malfunctions due to an incorrect factory or firmware configuration).

The submission of a DOA request must take place within 7 days from receipt by the end user. Any returns outside this  period are subject to approval by Syneto Customer Support, within 24 hours from receipt.

If the hardware is received dented or scratched, but the packaging is considered to be in good condition, the complaint may be considered of an "aesthetic" nature. In this case, approval from Syneto Customer Support will be required in order to consider the hardware as damaged and proceed with the replacement.


1. A DOA request must include the serial number of the physical unit, which allows Syneto to identify the purchasing partner, the order number or the sales invoice.

2. Any DOA pre-approval by Syneto personnel must be attached to the application.

3. The unique request number (ticket ID) assigned by Syneto Customer Support after the request must be saved for future reference.


Distributors, resellers and end-users can contact Syneto Customer Support to submit a DOA request, or they can contact their purchasing channel requesting a replacement or refund.

By contacting Syneto Customer Support, a unique request number (ticket ID) will be assigned to the requester and a verification will be initiated to determine if the claim fully complies with the DOA specifications.

If the request is found to be compliant, Syneto Customer Support will send written confirmation to the applicant, authorizing the replacement or a credit note.

During a DOA request process, Syneto Customer Support cooperate with Delivery department, which manages the collection (and related credit note) or the replacement (eg. the shipment of the unit and the return of the damaged unit), directly interacting with a contact person able to operate within the structure where the damaged unit is present.


Collection documents will be forwarded to the applicant, who will apply collection receipt outside the packaging. If the collection does not take place within 5 days, the requester should contact Syneto.


The status of a DOA request can be monitored from the Syneto support portal, using the ticket ID.