Remote Support

If you experience a technical issue with your appliance, attempting to troubleshoot the problem on your own may not be sufficient. This is where remote support access comes into play. 

Enabling remote support access allows the Technical Support Team to connect to your appliance and investigate the issue.

However, before remote support access can be enabled, there are a few requirements that must be met

  • A working internet connection on your appliance.
  • If you have a firewall in place, you may need to configure the necessary ports to allow a connection.
    Configuring the necessary ports is a simple process that can typically be accomplished by your IT department or network administrator using our guide: Firewall Ports and Addresses

How to enable Remote Support

Enable Remote Support from SynetoOS GUI

SynetoOS version higher than 4.4

Step 1: Access SynetoOS GUI

Step 2: Open the Help panel

  • From the upper toolbar, select the Help icon to open its panel

Step 3: Enable Remote Access

  • From the Remote Support menù click on the Enable remote access option

 SynetoOS 4.4 version

Enable Remote Support from SynetoOS CLI

Step 1: Connect to SynetoOS CLI

Step 2: Login in with SynetoOS credentials

Step 3: Enable remote support

  • config sup enable

Step 4: Disable remote support

  • config sup disable

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