This update is HYPER Core G4, Edge G2, Echo, and Syneto Virtual Appliance. It is also available for users running older HYPER Core appliances as an extra service.


Syneto OS 5.3.0 introduces new features like easy VM migration to Syneto appliance from any existing vSphere-based cluster/host, recovery point hold, manual recovery points, as well as manual and automatic external VM protection. This release also introduces a new email alerts and notifications engine, improved dashboard, and support for ESXi 8. Updating to this release will require a reboot.

New Features

Migrate VM - gives a fast and easy way to import VMs to Syneto appliance from any existing vSphere-based cluster/host. The feature is useful when migrating from the old VMware infrastructure to the Syneto Appliance. For deploying preconfigured VMs one can use this feature to copy them to the Syneto appliance instead of deploying them from a template.

Recovery Point Hold enables users to manually hold a specific recovery point for an extended period, overriding the usual data lifecycle management policies. This feature is particularly useful in scenarios where a specific state of data needs to be preserved for compliance, auditing, testing, or troubleshooting purposes.

Manual Recovery Points enables the manual protection of a VM stored locally or on an external appliance.

Email Alerting and Notifications - all systems running SynetoOS 5.3 can send email alerts about storage usage, broken disks, VM protection failure, VM replication failure. For better user experience multiple alerts and notifications are now grouped into one email.

We've also introduced custom dashboard and menus for Syneto CloudGate service.


Resolved issues

  • Improvements on replication process: fixed several scenarios where replications got stuck, fixed the process of resuming replications, added more details to the “replication failure” error messages.

  • The “Storage” value for clones is now correctly and consistently displayed.

  • Removed SynetoOS from the count of VMs that can be protected. Now the system can correctly reach “100% Protected” mark.

  • Made the “Pool usage” breakdown better, now it includes volumes starting from root dataset and takes block devices into consideration.

  • Fixed the issue of SynetoOS requesting reactivation if connectivity with Central was lost shortly after activation.

  • Improved calculation and display of the next integrity check.

  • Improved the “Add replication target for CloudGate” by making it more resilient to incorrect password entries. 

  • Pool name is now displayed in Virtual machines table for all local VMs and for all external VMs which have recovery points, as well as on the “Replicas” page.

  • Fixed the link to open a support ticket on the “Help” page.

Known issues 

  • Replication does not resume automatically after rebooting SynetoOS.

  • File Recovery for big amounts of data (8GB or more) is not working.

  • Users cannot delete a VM even after all clones were deleted.

  • Migration fails to a healthy pool if one of the pools is suspended.