This update is for HyperCore generations G2, G3, G3+, and HyperEdge G1.

This update adds the technical preview of VMware ESXi 8 support, security fixes, as well as improvements and bug  fixes for replication and data retention. 

Important Information about updating to this release

VMware ESXi 8 support in this version is for technical preview purposes only. It is intended for lab use and evaluation purposes only. 

Resolved Issues


Fixed: Connecting to replication target under load could cause the system to hang because of I/O freeze

Improved: If user initiates replication for a VM and replica that don’t have common snapshots, the system will report a replication error once and prompt for manual intervention.

Fixed: A failure in full replication is not automatically retried and system marks the replication as “Finished“ by mistake. This issue was only present in SynetoOS 4.8.5.

Fixed: A replication may get stuck in “Starting” stage 

Syneto Web UI

Fixed: a replication that failed on the first attempt is displayed in the UI as “Never run”.

Added: UI support for adding ESXi 8 hosts.

Ongoing Improvements and Future Releases

SynetoOS 4.8.6 continues the series of ongoing updates and new features from Syneto. Your feedback is extremely valuable to help us in our commitment to provide an excellent operating system. Please try out the new release, see what's new, and share your feedback and thoughts to help us shape SynetoOS's future features to bring the maximum value for you.