We are excited to introduce SynetoOS 5.1.5, the first General Availability (GA) release in a series of upcoming enhancements aimed at elevating the functionality and performance of SynetoOS 5. 

This release focuses on refining the user experience with virtual machines, optimizing the platform's space efficiency, improving network stability, enhancing security measures, and improving data restore.

Highlights of SynetoOS 5.1.5

This release requires reboot.

Virtual machines:

- Improved: Simpler CD-ROM editing during VM creation

- Fixed: Sometimes a VM is tagged as clone after promote

- Fixed: Total amount of memory is displayed in GHz on the dashboard

- Fixed: Cannot edit the network settings of a cloned VM

- Fixed: Warning when cloning a replicated VM with an attached CD-ROM

- Fixed: When editing a network adapter, the CD-ROM becomes disconnected

- Fixed: VM Hardware Edit - When editing a CD-ROM, the network adapter is disconnected

- Fixed: False error sometimes when suspending a VM

- Improved: Simpler CD-ROM editing during VM creation


- Improved: Reduce the amount of space occupied by logs

- Improved: Back up the previous 3 kernels during system upgrades

- Improved: Reduced the duration of the quick setup by a few minutes

- Improved: Quick Setup installation process


- Added: New script to check if Central ports are reachable

- Fixed: UI does not load when upstream DNS is unreachable

- Fixed: Protection schedules fail when upstream DNS is unreachable

- Fixed: Changing IP/DNS/hostname renders system unusable for a few minutes

- Fixed: Central sync cloud service hangs after network settings change

- Fixed: Adding Static IP without mask blocks the UI


- Improved login security for various system users

Data restore:

- Fixed: Cannot restore a file when its parent folder shares a prefix with another folder

Ongoing Improvements and Future Releases:

SynetoOS 5.1.5 begins a series of ongoing updates and new features. We are committed to providing an excellent operating system and value the feedback from our users. Please try out the new release, see what's new, and share any thoughts you have to help shape SynetoOS's future.