How to recreate OS RAID

Step 1: Access IPMI Web UI

Step 2: Open remote console

Step 3: Invoke controller bios menù

  • Open the virtual keyboard for the console
  • reboot the system and press ctrl+c you should see a message reporting the system is invoking  SAS configuration Utility

Step 4: Verify BIOS and Raid status

  •  IR is the firmware version termination for the enable boot controller with the boot priority
  • Position you self on the IR controller line and press enter to access it's menù
  • In the menù the BIOS & OS option status is Enabled
    Remember to confirm you are working on IR controller
  • Access the RAID Properties menù (press enter on your virtual keyboard)

  • If the RAID settings are correct you'll find both SSD drives identified and the voice YES under RAID Disk
  • From Manage Volume 
  • If RAID is not configured you'll see:Select the first option to Create RAID 1 Volume

  • Next screen should be similar to: 

  • To enable RAID configuration use arrows to move in the RAID Disk column and press you space bar over the NO to make it a YES  
    finally, press C to create the RAID volume