This Article will guide you on the creation process of a new user from the ESXi host client

How to create a new user

Step 1: Access ESXi Web UI

Step 2: Go to Security & User panel

  • From Manage menù access the Security & Users tab
  • Open User panel

Step 3: Add a new user

  • By default you should see the user root
  • Click Add User
  • Give the user the name "syn-" followed by 8 numbers of your choice
    On the description specify the use of it
    Ultimately assign and confirm a password
  • You should now see on the user list the new user

Step 4: Upgrade authorization level for the new user 

  • From Host menù go to Actions and open the Permissions panel
  • Click on Add user
  • Select  your recently created user and promote it with Administrator permissions
  • Check the Propagate to all children option
  • At process completed, you'll see an updated version of the Users list with assigned roles for the host