Requires restarting SynetoOS and stopping the client VM.

Log in via SSH to SynetoOS.

Do: sudo su  or  un sh and sudo su

beadm list


BE                      Active Mountpoint Space  Policy Created
SynetoOS-4.7.0          -      -          47.92M static 2020-12-22 14:29
SynetoOS-4.7.0-backup-4 -      -          553K   static 2022-12-22 10:50
SynetoOS-4.7.0-backup-5 -      -          628K   static 2023-04-24 15:13
omnios-r151038o         NR     /          6.68G  static 2023-09-09 12:12

Select the previous backup of: "omnios-r151038o"

Select the correct backup OS version:

beadm activate SynetoOS-4.7.0-backup-5

Check the result:

Activated successfully

Power off all VMs and restart Syneto OS.

It will probably go to SynetoOS version 4.7.5, update now to 4.7.7. (without production stop)