Replication and SLA Policies

In SynetoOS 5, replication of recovery points for the protected virtual machines is managed through SLA policies. To replicate data to other HYPER appliances, configure an SLA policy with rules that have replication target(s).

Each SLA policy rule can include more than one replication target. HYPER A can replicate to both HYPER B and HYPER C or Cloud Gate.

Replication is performed right after the recovery point is created. 

Before you configure an SLA policy with replication, please add a replication target.

Add Replication to an SLA Policy

When you create a new SLA policy or when you edit an existing one, you can choose to add replication to a compliance rule.

1. Browse the SLA policy page

2. Select the SLA policy you want to change or create a new SLA policy

3. Click on the three-dot action button and click Edit to open the window for that policy.

4. Check the Replicate to checkbox for the rule you want

5. Choose the replication target pool destination and retention to apply - Keep for X amount of days.

6. Click Update to save changes.

7. The SLA policy is now configured. It will replicate recovery points to the destination of your choice when the next protection task is performed.