File Recover in SynetoOS 5 is greatly improved - it is much, much faster and stable.

To recover files from a recovery point, please perform the following steps:

1. Browse the Virtual machines page

2. Select the virtual machine that you want to recover data from.

3. Click on the Recover tab

4. Click on the three-dot action button for the recover point you choose.

5. Select Recover files

6. Browse the file to recover

7. Select the files you want to recover

Recovery method:

  • Download locally or 
  • Attach to a VM an ISO file.

9. Download a zip archive with the files

9. Click Create archive to have an archive created on the appliance, available for download. The archive is being created. The download starts automatically afterwards.

You can always cancel the download and have it downloaded later.

10. Select Attach to a VM to mount an ISO file to the virtual machine of your choice.