A replica is a virtual machine and its recovery points that are replicated from an Echo appliance to another Echo appliance. To view all replicas received on an appliance, go to the Replicas page.

If no replicas were received, the page is empty. If replicas were received by the appliance, the page shows a list of replicated virtual machines

The Replicas page lists all virtual machines that have been replicated to the appliance.

Recover Tab

The Recover tab shows all available recovery points in a simple to use calendar view.

Select the date and desired recovery point from the list. Click on the three dot action button.

Choose one of the available options for the recovery point.

  • Recover files: Start the granular file recovery process. This enables the administrator to recover individual files or folders locally or to another virtual machine. 
  • Clone: Recover a complete virtual machine as it was at the selected time. 
  • Copy to new virtual machine: Create a block level copy of the virtual machine on the local storage. 
  • Delete: Remove the recovery point from storage. Each recovery point is independent from the other, each having a full image of the virtual machine