Each recovery point created by SLA policies on HYPER appliances is a standalone, "full image" of the protected virtual machine at a specific point in time. SynetoOS 5 provides instant recovery of a virtual machine from a recovery point. 

Because the data is not copied but cloned from a recovery point (zero-copy cloning) on the appliance COW (copy-on-write) storage, the recovery of a virtual machine lasts under 30 seconds, no matter the size of the original virtual machine. 

Hint: It takes under a minute to recover a virtual machine, no matter the size. 

Hint: A recovered virtual machine initially consumes no additional storage space.

Recovery of a Virtual Machine

To recover a virtual machine, you will Clone a virtual machine from the chosen recovery point in the Recover tab.

1. Browse the Virtual Machines page

2. Select the Recover tab on the right panel.

3. Select the date and the recover point time that you want to restore from.

4. Click on the three-dot action menu 

5. Clone the VM recovery point.

6. Choose your options from the modal window:

  • Clone name: Set the new virtual machine name or leave the default. The default naming includes the date and time of the recovery point.
  • Power On: Choose to power on the virtual machine after cloning or leave powered off
  • Attach network(s): Have the VM start disconnected from the network portgroup(s).

7. Click Clone

A new virtual machine is created, in under a minute, no matter the size of the original VM. With zero-copy cloning, the new virtual machine does not initially consume storage space.

You can manage the cloned virtual machine - called Clone - as any normal VM.

Important: You cannot protect a clone with an SLA policy. You have to convert 

Convert to Original

You can clone as many recovery points as you require, as long as cpu and memory resources are managed. No storage is consumed initially when a VM is cloned from a recovery point.

Once you have identified the right cloned virtual machine recovery point, you can convert the clone to original. This action:

  • Removes all clones created after the clone's recovery point
  • Transforms the clone into an original
  • Renames the cloned VM as the original VM
  • Keeps a clone of the original VM