SynetoOS5 in version 5.1.x is not connected out-of-the-box to the hypervisor that is running on the physical appliance. In previous SynetoOS versions, the connection to the hypervisor was automatically setup during Quick Setup. 

As of SynetoOS 5.2 the integration with the hypervisor will be done automatically during Quick Setup. 

Users are required to manually configure and connect SynetoOS 5 to the local ESXi hypervisor. You have two options:

1. Use the standard ESXi root user

2. Create a custom ESXi user


The connection to the local hypervisor is always made through the internal VMKernel -

Create a Custom ESXi User

Please follow the steps below.

  1. Create a new user in ESXi that will be used exclusively by SynetoOS to orchestrate the local hypervisor.

    The username has to be unique and will only be used by SynetoOS. We recommend a username with this pattern: syn-syn-<random-12-numeric-characters> - for example: syn-472261783526

  2. Assign the newly created user the necessary rights in ESXi - the Administrator role

Connect to the local Hypervisor

1. Browse the Virtual machines page

2. Click on the link Add a VMware server

3. Fill in the Add VMware server form. To connect to the hypervisor running on the same HYPER appliance, use the IP


   Username: root or the custom user (syn-<random-12-numeric-characters> - for example: syn-472261783526)

   Password: the password you configured

4. Click Add to connect to the ESXi hypervisor. The virtual machines page is populated with all virtual machines that are running on that host. 

Checkout the video below.