Outbound Connections and Ports

SynetoOS 5 must be able to connect to the destinations listed below using the indicated ports.




22 TCP

stc-0.syneto.eu /
stc-1.syneto.eu /
stc-2.syneto.eu /
stc-3.syneto.eu /
stc-4.syneto.eu /
stc-5.syneto.eu /

Syneto Support Tunnel Concentrator(s)

50052 TCP


For grpc protocol that connects to the following destination url(s):

  1. licensing service:


2. monitoring service:


3. sync service:


4. user event service:

443 TCP35.204.93.231 / sync.cloud.syneto.eu
Licensing & synchronization service

443 TCP

https://central.api.syneto.eu/ /

for the Syneto support tunnels

50052 TCP


for authentication of the Central user

443 TCP

https://harbor.syneto.eu /

for pulling the latest cluster container images

123 UDP

NTP server(s)

for synchronising time

443 TCP

https://yum.syneto.eu /

for downloading rpm packages