The dashboard in SynetoOS 5 features widgets that highlight platform status and past operational performance.


The summary shows Syneto OS 5 release version, available compute and memory resources on the connected ESXi hypervisor(s), storage pool space usage

System health

Shows the current health status of the appliance. The widget monitors:

- pool health. When the pool is online, it has all disks online and working correctly. When the pool is degraded or unavailable, the underlying hardware components - eg: disks - have failed.

- connection status to the hypervisor

Last 24 hours

Displays the protection and replication tasks that have been executed in the last 24 hours and their status. 

Ran: the task was performed successfully.

Failed: the task was not performed correctly, it failed

Protection Overview

Provides an overview of how many virtual machines are protected or not. 

Last recovery point

This widget shows what the SLA policy did when it ran last time on the protected virtual machines. If the SLA policy created a recovery point, it is marked successful. If the recover point was not created, it is marked failed. 

Storage efficiency

HYPER appliances provide in-line data compression, with minimal processor overhead. Compression ratio depends on the type of data being stored in the stored virtual machines - how well it can be compressed. It ranges from 1.2x to 3.4x times.

SLA Policies

Shows a list of most used SLA policies and their base frequency.

SLA compliance summary

Shows all SLA policy tasks that have been performed or not within SLA.