SynetoOS 5 has a new virtual machine console interface.

The virtual machine console show the status of core SynetoOS services, enables IP addressing configuration from ESXi and virtual machine reboot(s). If:

  • you need to change the IP address of your SynetoOS to a static one
  • you don’t have DHCP in your network 

use the console to configure the virtual machine from ESXi.

Click on the SynetoOS name in the virtual machines list. Click to open the Web Console. The virtual machine console shows by default the status of key SynetoOS services. Select Configure Network to manage network connectivity.

Configure IP Addressing

Follow the video instructions below to configure IP addressing through the SynetoOS VM console.

Access the VM CLI through the Console

You can access the virtual machine's command line through the console. 

Click inside the virtual machine console. Press ALT+F1 (on Windows) or OPTION+F1 (on MacOS) to open the command line console

Next Step(s)

After configuring the correct IP address on SynetoOS, connect through HTTPS to the web interface to start the 

SynetoOS Quick Setup