IPMI means Intelligent Platform Management Interface. It is a web based interface that allows, once configured, remote out-of-band management of the hardware appliance through the network. 

Steps to configure IPMI

  1. Connect monitor and keyboard to the appliance
  2. Power-on or reset the appliance
  3. When prompted to select boot option, press <DEL> to run SETUP.

  4. Inside the BIOS Setup, select the BMC menu option.

  5. Select "Update BMC LAN Configuration", click Enter and select Yes.

  6. Select "Configuration Address Source". It is recommended to set the option Static

  7. Select "Station IP Address":

  8. Select "Subnet Mask":

  9. Select "Gateway IP Address":

  10. Optional: If the IPMI version has support for VLAN, Select VLAN and configure accordingly

  11. When finished, press ESC to exit the configuration menu for BMC.

  12. Select "Save & Exit" and select "Save Changes and Reset"

  13. This is an example of a configured IPMI without IPv6 and VLAN

Connect to the IPMI Web Interface

  • When booting the appliance, you will see on the bottom right the configured IP address of the IPMI interface.

  • Connect through HTTPS to the IP address that IPMI is configured with (eg:
    Use the username and password that are printed on the Quick Installation page that you can find inside the shipping box.

  • Once connected to the IPMI web interface, you can easily manage the appliance remotely. Just click on the picture in the "Remote Console Preview" section. Choose "JAVA plug-in" or "HTML5" for your preffered connection method.