Following requirements are needed to successfully install and operate HYPER appliances running SynetoOS 5

  • Monitor and keyboard connected to the appliance

  • An appliance requires at least 2 uplink Ethernet cables connected to an upstream switch or router - one for out-of-band management with IPMI, the other for ESXi hypervisor.

  • An appliance requires 3 IP addresses to be assigned: one for IPMI, one for ESXi and one for the SynetoOS virtual machine

    • Internet access: SynetoOS requires a working internet connection

    • Connectivity to Syneto cloud services endpoints: Ensure the firewall allows outgoing connections to the endpoints listed here

    • Connectivity to a local or external DNS: You must have access and configure a DNS server on SynetoOS

    • An account created on the Syneto Central website to activate