Release Notes 4.8.4

This version brings support for resumable replication, useful for WAN replications over unreliable connections. 

Since this version comes with a major kernel update, a reboot is required for machines with version 4.7.7 and earlier.

Here's the full set of updates in this release:

  • Multiple security patches for major system components 

  • SMB fixes and improvements

    • Improved compatibility with MacOS when working with shared Microsoft Office files

    • Windows 11 clients could not connect to SMB shares

    • Sometimes cannot access smb shares after revert

    • Some clients get disconnected when copying files to SMB share 

    • Added support for Windows server changes related to CVE-2022-38023 (weaknesses in the Netlogon protocol when RPC signing is used instead of RPC sealing)

    • Cannot delete a read-only file

    • Share not accessible after pause/resume on MacOS

    • Multiple issues with user B accessing file owned by user A

    • Sometimes after changing the Active Directory server, Syneto OS tries to contact the old server

  • System improvements

    • Increase log retention for cron to 30 days

    • Software update now uses less memory when reading server information

    • NFS server performance has been improved.

    • Several improvements to the memory acceleration feature (ARC)

  • Various bugfixes

    • Blinking stops when refreshing the drives page

    • Protection does not start after adding a VM on a iSCSI share

    • Storage Performance endpoint shows invalid data for faulted pools

    • Degraded data pool, looks healthy in storage summary card on hyper3000

    • RAS deployment fails when there is no hostname for the management server

    • F&F - When performing a failover, if the virtual machine is (already) powered off - do not show VM power options