This article is meant to guide you in the reinstall process of our appliance


*IPMI access
*The ISO that Support Team provides you
*DHCP at least 2 Ip addresses available
*Avoid working trough VPN connection
Downtime required

Complete Reinstall guide

Step 1: Login IPMI Web UI

Step 2: Open Remote console

  • From Remote Control panel Launch console with Java plug-in 

Step 3: Open IPMI Virtual Storage

  • From the toolbar open Virtual Storage

Step 4: Plug in SynetoOS ISO file

  • From the Local Drive Type specify ISO File
  • Use Open Image button to navigate in your resources and select the ISO
  • Click on Plug in 
  • After plug in is confirmed in the Connection Status History, press OK to proceed

Step 5: Launch Virtual Keyboard and reboot the system

  • From the toolbar option Virtual Media, launch the Virtual Keyboard
  • Go to Power Control and select the Set Power Reset option

Step 6: Select Boot Device

  • On the reset process invoke the boot menù using F11 from the virtual Keyboard
  • Select the CDROM  option

Step 7: Let the install process finish

  • From this point it's expected approximately one hour to finish the process