Find in this article all requirements and the step by step guide to reset your IPMI password 

Reset IPMI Password

Step 1: Access through SSH to you ESXi console (ESXCLI)

Step 2: Verify ADMIN user number

  • Navigate to /bin directory

    cd /opt/syneto/bin


    cd /opt/bin
  • List ipmitool users

    ./ipmitool user list

It is very common to find ADMIN user as number 2 

Step 3: Set new password

  • Now that the ADMIN user number is confirmed you can proceed to assign a new password to it

  • /opt/syneto/bin/ ./ipmitool user set password 2 <new_password>

    Remember to replace the number accordingly to your situation

  • Set your new password

    In this case we used password@123 as new sample password