This article applies to Syneto HYPER Series appliances 2000, 3000, 4000 (G2, G3 and G3+)

Before applying this guide instructions:
Backup current configuration

Update IPMI firmware

Step 1: Login onto your IPMI GUI

Step 2: Identify your current firmware version

  • By default the IPMI console opens on the system panel where you can see the current system details, such as the firmware version

Step 3: Identify your mother board model

  • From the System panel go to FRU Reading
  • Under Board info you'll find your board model in the Board Product Name details

Step 4: Go to Supermicro BMC resources

Step 5: Search your MOBO on the BMC list and download firmware

  • Use the search box to filter your research
  • Before the download starts accept the licence agreement

Step 6: From IPM GUI navigate to Firmware Update panel

  • From the Maintenance tab select Firmware update

Step 7: Enter Update Mode

  • From the Firmware Update panel select Enter Update Mode
  • You will not be able to performe any other task until the firmware upgrade has been competed 
  • Confirm window with Yes

Step 8: Start Upgrade

  • You will be redirected to the Firmware Upload panel 
  • Upload you firmware file by selecting Chose file 
  • Proceed with Upload Firmware

One the update is completed IPMI will reset automatically