This article will guide you on the process of Unlinking your Central account currently linked to your appliance

Unlink your appliance

Step 1: Access settings menu from SynetoOS GUI

  • After connecting to your SynetoOS GUI go to the settings menù and select the About option

Step 2: Identify and Unlink

  • Now that to access the About section, you can identify from the upper left side of the panel all details related to the Central account currently associated to the appliance
  • Proceed to Unlink  the account to complete the process by clicking on the voice unlink as shown bellow

Step 3: Re-link your appliance to a Central Account

  • After the Unlink of the former Central account, you'll find the option Link which allows you to link the account to another Central account

  • Click on  Link  and fill-in account details requested on the redirected window

  • Finish the process by selecting Activate. 
    Now when you go to the About section the new central account you just activated is going to be shown as the associated account