Central - Location Management

For easier management of your Syneto appliances, Central implements the concept of “Location”.

A location should be defined for each company office that hosts a Syneto appliance (headquarters, ROBO/Edge sites). Creating a location is also a prerequisite for the Syneto Central RAS service (Remote Access Service), as RAS is deployed per location.

Location management also gives a birds' eye view of the entire infrastructure at that particular site.

Creating a location

To create a location click the New location button on the dashboard.

Give your location a meaningful name (eg. the city) and supply its physical address.
The address is needed for shipping any materials like spare parts.


After you finish creating all locations and assigning the machines to each of them

In the bellow example, we have only one location called "Brescia" 

When you finish your dashboard should look something like this:


To remove a machine from a location, click [Edit location] and click the [x] next to the machine ID.
To delete a location click [Edit location] and click the [Delete] button in the bottom of the form.

Find a newly installed machine in Central

After finishing the quick setup wizard, if you log in to the Central account, the machine should be visible in your dashboard under "Unassigned machines"

Remember that by default, newly activated machines do not associate them self to any location. This activity most be done manually


It should also be visible in your inventory screen.