Our Support Team reported that some clients could encounter an error for DNS parameter in their Hyper Edge during the initial setup 

By following the next step by step guide you'll be able to clear the error

How to clear error " A specified parameter was not correct: DnsConfig.VirtualNicDevice"

Step 1: Login in to ESXi

  • Considering this is a first set up, login credentials should be standard
    User: root
    Password: Syneto.Default1

Step 2: From Networking dashboard go to TCP/IP stack tab

Step 3: Open Default TCP/IP stack and access the Edit settings panel

Step 4: Edit and popolate the DNS and Domain fields

  • Change the field Primary DNS server with a working DNS server address 
  • Add a Domain name and Search domains address

    If you don't have a domain assigned feel free to complete the field with domain.local 
    If you don't have a DNS server  you can use google server,

Step 5: Reboot SynetoOS VM