== Failover and failback ==

After several rounds of feedback from Technical Preview adopters, we are launching the first stable version of F&F.


  • Resume snapshot schedules if a failover process fails
  • Revert the virtual machine to its original state if failover process fails
  • Add power state options to Failover/Failback window when VM is powered on
  • Multiple bug fixes based on field reports during Technical Preview

== Migrate VM ==

Made the code support more exotic VMs and tolerate connectivity issues.


  • Support VMs with more than 4 drives
  • FIX: When powering on a VM after migration, sometimes an error is shown
  • FIX: Downloading vmx files during vm migration and external vm protection is not retried

== Snapshots and replication ==

When replications fail, the user gets clearer messages. Improved error handling against network connectivity problems.


  • Give more specific details when replication fails
  • Make replication targets list and edit schedules more robust when replication target hangs
  • FIX:App consistency is changed to crash when closing the schedule modal
  • FIX:Eliminated several causes that lead to corrupted metadata
  • FIX:When editing a schedule, the replication defaults to “Don’t replicate”
  • FIX:Last snapshot status is not loading when replicating to an inaccessible host
  • FIX:The replication targets list looks disabled when protecting a VM with replication
  • FIX:When failing to run hooks, the status of the snapshot shows it failed due to low pool space
  • FIX: if VMware is not reachable at the time of the snapshot - we retry 3 times 


  • Eliminated edge case in which Active Directory join would fail at first attempt
  • When cloning, select the local host by default (now it’s alphabetical)
  • FIX: If the first attempt to install Luna fails, subsequent attempts will fail as well
  • FIX: Inconsistent storage space display between dashboard and pools page
  • FIX: In some instances cannot open ticket from Help Page
  • FIX: The RAS service times out for 20+ users
  • FIX: Manual snapshot is stuck with zero progress when VMware is unreachable
  • FIX: VM console doesn’t open when browser language is set to spanish