• Enhanced Serenity feature, sending email notifications to customers
  • Send a copy of all Serenity notifications to HYPER administrators
  • VM machines running on the same ESXi datastore as Syneto OS will be displayed by default as External VMs
  • Inconsistencies on a datastore in failover state


  • Issues related to support for ESXI 7.0
  • SMB shares permissions, reset to default after toggling guest access on and off
  • Luna, various install issues, added log rotation to ensure that it does not run out of space
  • Add support for recovering folders with ‘+’ or ‘()’ special characters (symbols)
  • Various manual snapshot issues
  • Migrate VMs, “keep original” option marked as default
  • Added workload section to Datastores details view
  • External VMs page display issues
  • Added a metadata clean-up script for all datastores and snapshots
  • Display issues on "virtual-disk-browser" 
  • Issues on SSH command error to migrate/protect external VMs 
  • Wrong VMs numbers shown in datastore when VM had a CDROM mounted from an ISO or from a different datastore
  • Permanent failover failed in scenario with vCenter