This is a list of backup and restore privileges that are minimal requirements to enable virtual machine backup and restore functionality on vCenter and ESXi. 

CategoryPermission NamePermission IDPermission Description

Remove datastoreDatastore.RemoveAllows removal of a datastore.
Configure datastoreDatastore.ConfigureAllows configuration of a datastore.
Allocate spaceDatastore.AllocateSpaceAllocate space.
Browse datastoreDatastore.BrowseBrowse a datastore.
Low level file operations


Perform low level file operations on a datastore.
Update virtual machine filesDatastore.UpdateVirtualMachineFilesUpdate virtual machine files on a datastore.
GlobalDisable methodsGlobal.DisableMethodsOperations are disabled in vCenter.
Enable methodsGlobal.EnableMethodsOperations are enabled in vCenter.
Set custom attributeGlobal.SetCustomFieldSet the value of a custom attribute on an object.
Manage custom attributesGlobal.ManageCustomFieldsAdd, remove, and rename custom attribute definitions.
Storage partition configurationHost.Config.StorageStorage, host datastore, and diagnostic partition configuration.
NetworkAssign networkNetwork.AssignAssign network to virtual machine, host service console, VMkernel virtual NIC or physical NIC.
ResourcesAssign virtual machine to resource poolResource.AssignVMToPoolAssign a virtual machine to a resource pool
Virtual Machine - InventoryCreate newVirtualMachine.Inventory.CreateCreate a new virtual machine or template
RegisterVirtualMachine.Inventory.RegisterAdd an existing virtual machine to the inventory
RemoveVirtualMachine.Inventory.DeleteRemove a virtual machine.
UnregisterVirtualMachine.Inventory.UnregisterUnregister a virtual machine.

Virtual Machine - Provisioning
Allow disk accessVirtualMachine.Provisioning.DiskRandomAccessAllow random access to disk files through a separate NFC connection.
Allow read-only disk accessVirtualMachine.Provisioning.DiskRandomReadAllow read-only random access to disk files through a separate NFC connection.
Allow virtual machine downloadVirtualMachine.Provisioning.GetVmFilesAllow download of virtual machines (used by provisioning operations).
Clone virtual machineVirtualMachine.Provisioning.CloneClone a virtual machine.
Virtual Machine - Guest OperationsGuest operation modificationsVirtualMachine.GuestOperations.ModifyModifications in a virtual machine guest operating system.
Guest operation program executionVirtualMachine.GuestOperations.ExecuteRunning processes in a virtual machine guest operating system.
Guest operation queriesVirtualMachine.GuestOperations.QueryQueries in a virtual machine guest operating system.
Virtual Machine - InteractionConnect devicesVirtualMachine.Interact.DeviceConnectionConnect/disconnect media and network devices.
Power onVirtualMachine.Interact.PowerOnPower on or resume a virtual machine.
Power offVirtualMachine.Interact.PowerOffPower off a virtual machine.

Virtual Machine - Configuration
Add existing diskVirtualMachine.Config.AddExistingDiskBrowse for and attach an existing virtual disk.
Add new diskVirtualMachine.Config.AddNewDiskCreate and attach a new virtual disk.
Add or remove deviceVirtualMachine.Config.AddRemoveDeviceAdd or remove virtual devices.
Advanced configurationVirtualMachine.Config.AdvancedConfigMake advanced configuration changes.
Change resourceVirtualMachine.Config.ResourceChange virtual machine resource allocations.
Toggle disk change trackingVirtualMachine.Config.ChangeTrackingEnable or disable change tracking for the virtual machine's disks.
Acquire disk leaseVirtualMachine.Config.DiskLeaseLease disks for disk manager.
Remove diskVirtualMachine.Config.RemoveDiskDetach and optionally remove a virtual disk.
Configure Raw deviceVirtualMachine.Config.RawDeviceVirtual machine raw device configuration.
Change SettingsVirtualMachine.Config.SettingsChange virtual machine settings.
Virtual Machine - Snapshot managementCreate snapshotVirtualMachine.State.CreateSnapshotCreate a snapshot.
Remove snapshotVirtualMachine.State.RemoveSnapshot

Remove a snapshot.

Revert to snapshotVirtualMachine.State.RevertToSnapshotMake a snapshot current
Virtual Machine - Instant Restore and MigrationStorage partition configurationHost.Config.StorageStorage, host datastore, and diagnostic partition configuration.
Migrate powered off virtual machineResource.ColdMigrateMigrate a powered off virtual machine.
Migrate powered on virtual machineResource.HotMigrateMigrate a powered on virtual machine.