Applies to: SynetoOS 4.x

In case you need to rename datastore name and path and change the path mountpoint follow the below steps:

#1 Power-off VM of the datastore and unmount from SynetoOS GUI by selecting datastore and clicking "change" on the right side, uncheck "host" and click "Update"


#2 Login to SynetoOS as "admin" over SSH or VMware display console using current password and type to Activate unsopported shell and get SuperUser privileges:

un sh
sudo su -

#3  List Datastores

zfs list


NAME                                                                       USED  AVAIL  REFER  MOUNTPOINT

flash                                                                         24.2G  13.6G  27.5K  /flash

flash/datastores                                                      24.1G  13.6G  51.5K  /flash/datastores

hybrid/backups/xyzwi/LinuxVM                             194K  18.9G    24K  /hybrid/backups/xyzwi/LinuxVM

#4 Once you identify the datastore to rename (eg. hybrid/backups/xyzwi/LinuxVM), type the command above to rename it and change the mountpoint

zfs rename hybrid/backups/xyzwi/LinuxVM hybrid/backups/xyzwi/LinuxVM-New-Name-and-Mountpoint

#5 Now from SynetoOS GUI refresh the page from browser (pressing F5) navigate to datastore, select the one you modified and mount it by clicking "change" on the right side, uncheck "host" and click "Update"