• More robust behaviour when finishing a VDI template

  •  Increased Virtual Appliance OS pool size to 16GB

  •  Disabled actions on source host while VM is failed over

  •  Better algorithm for calculating pool free space

  •  Emails reminding about OS update are now sent weekly instead of daily


  •  Multiple bug fixes for Import VM and External VM protection
  •  Multiple bug fixes for VDI and failover/failback (tech preview)
  •  When connected to vCenter a VM might appear to be mounted several times on the same host
  •  Drive health drive link leads to wrong drive

  •  Sometimes clients can't authenticate to RAS VPN server

  •  Sometimes cannot destroy the RAS appliance VM

  •  Remote Support tunnel believes it's up when it's not

  •  The UI hangs when a replication target is unreachable

  •  All traffic is denied when no ACL rules are specified

  •  DNS change is not applied to RAS clients

  •  HYPER G3 reports 3 CPUs on the About page

NOTE: Technology Preview features provide early access to upcoming product innovations. They enable you to test functionality and provide feedback during the development process.