Applies to: SynetoOS 4.x

In the case you have an old snapshot and would like to bring back the state of the VM at that date without holding new data produced after the snapshot.

Note: This action will delete all snapshots created in the meantime and any copies you may have on DR, the result of this action will be a consolidation of both datastores in one.

Power-off the VM and check if some ISO or VMDK are mounted form other datastore or path and unmount it from VM settings in ESXi.

1. Go in Datastores from left menu select the datastore target, on left side click on Snapshots and select the date you want to revert

2. Than Clone, and confirm

3. Select the cloned datastore 

4. After selecting on right side click on revert

5. Confirm the action by clicking on Revert

6. Wait until the operation will be completed and power on the VM