Applies to: SynetoOS 4.x

Error in alert view:

A service failed - a start, stop or refresh method failed.
svc:/system/collectd:default is unavailable. Run 'svcs -xv svc:/system/collectd:default' to determine the generic reason why the service failed, the location of any logfiles, and a list of other services impacted.

Note: Can be solved only using console line.

Login as "root" or "admin" over SSH or VMware display console

If you login over SSH using admin user, please launch this command

sudo su

before run the command above.

Else if you login using VmWare console, please run this command

un sh

before run the command above.

 To reboot analitycs services please run the above commands:

svcadm disable svc:/system/graphite-api:default
svcadm disable svc:/system/collectd:default
svcadm disable svc:/system/carbon:default

svcadm enable svc:/system/carbon:default
svcadm enable svc:/system/collectd:default
svcadm enable svc:/system/graphite-api

if issue persist than proceed as "root" with :


pkg fix syneto-os-frontend

This command review and repair all corrupted UI files