Problem Description

In certain scenarios, data transfer performance is sub-optimal when handling large amounts of data. This is due to the fact that network traffic processing is CPU bound, thus it can be negatively impacted by CPU constraints. 

Recommended Solution

The proposed solution offloads the processing of network traffic from the CPU to a network adapter (NIC). This can significantly improve the performance of data movement over the network. Performance improvement is directly related to the capabilities of the network adapter (1GB or 10GBs) and switching capacity

Step by Step

1. Connect the HYPER appliance with a new (second) network cable to your existing switching infrastructure.

2. Create a new Vswitch on the ESXi hypervisor of your HYPER appliance.

3. Add an uplink to the new vSwitch.

4. Create a new portgroup on the new vSwitch. Call it for example Syneto_NFS_LAN or SynetoNFS

5. On the SynetoOS virtual machine, edit the settings and change the network adapter from VM Network to the name of your new portgroup - eg: Syneto_NFS_LAN. The SynetoOS virtual machines does not have to be shutdown to perform this change.