This article describes the procedure  to fix the system "Freeze" when SynetoOS is taking an App Consistent snapshot. 

By default VMware tools has the VSS enabled in their installer and it requires a small "Freeze" or "Stun" to make a consistent snapshot.

The steps below allow you to disable VSS implemented in VMware and enable the VSS integrated in Windows which is not "Freezing" the system.

1. Disable Snapshots

    Temporary disable the snapshots of the VM from SynetoOS.

2. Enable Windows VSS

    Go to "services.msc" and find the "Volume Shadow Copy"

    By default it is configured in "Manual" with "not running" mode.

    Right click on it, go to "Properties" and select the "Automatic" option.

You can either start the service manually with right click and start, or you can wait for the reboot

3. Disable VMware Tools VSS

WARNING: This requires a VM reboot

        Go to installed programs in Windows control panel and select the "Modify" option for VMware Tools.

        In the installer select the "Modify" option and make sure the "Volume Shadow Copy" looks like in this screenshot, finish reinstallation and reboot.

4. After reboot

        After reboot you can doublecheck if the "Volume Shadow Copy" is running correctly.

        You can start your snapshots schedules again from SynetoOS.

Note:  If VMware tools are flagged as not installed for App Consistent snapshots, use first the Crash Consistent and then the system will autodetect that VMware tools is installed allowing you to select again App Consistent.