Central has a flexible users management system, with multiple users and granular role-based access. The person who created a company account is called a master account. In turn, they can add additional accounts to the company and give them granular access to the Central services.

Login using Two-Factor Authentication

One of the core tenets of Syneto is providing secure access to data. All account logins and sensitive operations are protected using two-factor authentication. You will need an authenticator app to finish setting up an account and subsequently access Central. We recommend the Google Authenticator App, available for both iOS and Android.

On first login, you need to add the Central account to your authenticator app. Using the app, scan the generated barcode and create a new authenticator entry. It will display a security PIN code (6 digits) which rotate every 30 seconds.

On subsequent logins, you’ll need to introduce the code by checking with your mobile device.

Creating users

The master account and regular accounts which have been given service access to the user management service can create users. First step in creating a new user is clicking [Add user] on the Users page. Fill in the email address and that person will receive an email.

The new Central user must finish the account creation process by following the link in their email.

After they confirm, their account is created and they are listed in the users page.

At this point, they can be given access to various services using the Service Access tab.

Changing End User Password

All users can change their passwords from their profile page (top right corner), under the Security Settings tab.