• Updated Software Core
    Our latest kernel upgrade and key package updates bring new features and important security updates: sequential resilvering, native encryption, SMBv3, improved support for large capacity drives.

  • Improved User Interface
    The updated UI for SynetoOS has an improved layout for easier navigation and better overview. Quickly reach Data Protection and Recovery information for each managed object.

  • Smart Working - Central Remote Access Service
    Deploy access for remote workers using secure VPN. Easy one-click setup and management from Syneto’s Central console.

  • Better Integration with Central
    A new API allows each Syneto HYPER appliance improved integration with current and future Central services.

  • Faster VM Migrations
    We have greatly improved our engine for VM migrations from other VMware infrastructures to Syneto HYPER. Up to 6x faster and more stable.


  • Improved UI stability & responsiveness.
  • Improved performance for datastore management.
  • Faster and more stable VM migrations.
  • Improved stability for file recovery operations.
  • Support for native encryption.


  • Vulnerability: Disabled TRACE/TRACK HTTP Debugging on web server.
  • Renaming a NFS datastore from ESXi would not show correctly.
  • Over 100 other fixes for improved performance and security.

NOTE: Reboot is required. After SynetoOS reboots, the SynetoFileRecovery VM will also be updated. This may take up to 20 minutes. During this process, File recovery and Migrate virtual machine features will not be available.