• Create and manage multiple system administrator users.
  • User-initiated events are logged and viewable in the UI (audit logs).
  • Support for HYPERSeries 3000hs.
  • Support for Windows 2019 Server Active Directory.
  • Technology preview for hyper-converged secondary storage.


  • Improved UI stability & responsiveness.
  • Logging standardized and unified across services.
  • New dashboard widget overview of primary and secondary data usage.
  • Reload UI pages when data loading fails.


  • Unresponsive UI under specific load conditions.
  • Security sensitive information removed from logs.
  • Log timestamps aligned to the system timezone.
  • Protect Datastores page failed to load.
  • File recovery fails when browsing large VMs.
  • System information available before authentication.
  • VMware tools bug could cause 100% CPU usage on the service console VM.
  • SMB Sharing:
    • Fix deleting read-only files on SMB2 (this was working only over SMB1).
    • Allow SMB domain logon with usernames containing I18N characters.
    • Rename file to existing target behaves more like Windows.
    • Fix various HP scanners or all-in-ones scanning to SMB shares.
    • Fix delay when opening files with oplocks enabled (was worked around by disabling SMB oplocks).
  • Disks, diskpool and data management improvements:
    • Faster startup and shutdown with a lot of datastores and shares (parallel filesystem mount/unmount).
    • Improve write performance due to write inflation.
    • Improved read performance while replacing drive in mirror.
    • Improved data size estimation when replicating.
    • Improved GUI performance with a lot of datastores.
    • Fix handling of Samsung PM1635a under some power management conditions.
  • Other 476 fixes for SynetoOS, including OS performance and security.

NOTE: Reboot is required. After SynetoOS reboots, the SynetoFileRecovery VM will also be updated. This may take up to 20 minutes. In this time the File recovery and Migrate virtual machine features will not be available.