Applies to: SynetoOS 4.4 and before

It may happen that SynetoOS Web Interface becomes hanged and doesn't respond anymore.

This behaviour is related to a known PHP-FPM server issue (77430) present on all operating systems (Unix, Linux, Windows) and related to its memory stack management limitations. PHP-FPM developers are at work to solve it.

The steps below allow you to clear the memory stack and correctly restart SynetoOS Web Interface.

1. Login to SynetoOS as "admin" over SSH or VMware display console using current password and type to Activate unsupported shell and get SuperUser privileges:

un sh
sudo su -

2. Clear the PHP-FPM service maintenance status.
svcadm clear svc:/network/php-fpm:default

3. Restart PHP-FPM service if the status is online, or enable it if the status is offline.

svcadm restart svc:/network/php-fpm:default 
svcadm enable svc:/network/php-fpm:default 

4. Restart Apache service.

svcadm restart svc:/network/http:apache

5. Check PHP status.

svcs | grep php-fpm

6. Check date and time since Apache restarted.

svcs | grep apache

Example output: