- Revert datastores and shares to their latest clone

  - Power on, power off and reset virtual machines

  - Suspend and resume virtual machines

  - Add virtual machine console to the Syneto OS UI

  - Change hypervisor password using Syneto OS UI

  - Show list of clones in details view

  - Allow registering additional virtual machines from a clone


  - Automatically detect changes of hypervisor password

  - Add Cancel option for replication

  - Introduce description field for datastores, shares, and volumes

  - Add external link to Central in About this machine

  - Show original entity in a clone's details view

  - Add navigation link between VM and its datastore

  - Strengthen password requirements

  - Visually mark clones in datastores, shares, volumes lists

  - Don't allow edits on management network interface


  - AFP sharing services do not start automatically

  - Deleting a replication target leaves the UI in an inconsistent state

  - Cloned VM from Live Snapshot is not in suspended state

  - Order by Last snapshot doesn't work

  - Cannot clone a renamed VM (edited)