- Snapshot and replication: wizard to speed up creating multiple snapshot schedules

    - Snapshot and replication: minute by minute schedules

    - Snapshot and replication: weekly schedules

    - Snapshot and replication: choose between non-encrypted (faster) and encrypted replication

    - Snapshot and replication: one-click restore of virtual machines from snapshots

    - Disk pools: option to control integrity check speed

    - Licenses: replication license is not needed anymore

    - Automatic disk mappings: support the new Hyper series


    - Snapshot and replication: completely redesigned the snapshot schedules page

    - Snapshot and replication: more resilient behavior when snapshots are desynchronized

    - Snapshot and replication: more resilient behavior when the remote node cannot receive snapshots

    - Update: it is easier to understand which updates require reboot

    - iSCSI: faster add, remove, and display of shares


    - Snapshot and replication: folders and virtual disks page stuck with consolidation progress

    - Snapshot and replication: snapshot and replication page is not loading with long backup history

    - Snapshot and replication: no notification is sent when taking a virtual machine snapshot fails

    - Snapshot and replication: can't replicate while pool is checking integrity or repairing disks

    - Networking: proxy hostname containing dot is not allowed

    - Networking: network interface address up/down switch is reversed

    - SMB: NetBIOS service is not enabled by default

    - Disk pools: Syneto Ultra205 hyper-converged hangs after hot-swapping SATA disks

    - Folder and virtual disks: no error is shown when trying to set a reservation size larger than available

    - High availability: error appears when taking cluster out of maintenance

    - High availability: error appears when a newly installed node is added to an old cluster

    - VMware: UI hangs when ESX server is not reachable

    - Active directory: joining times out too fast