- UI: improve visibility of the storage array's name and IP

    - UI: improve network interface configuration page

    - AFP spotlight: support searching from File > Open dialogs

    - AFP spotlight: support searching by file type

    - AFP spotlight: support filtering office file types and categories

    - AFP spotlight: index numbers in file names

    - NAS storage: support SMB 2.1 and improve Active Directory integration

    - NAS storage: allow AFP file services to be discovered automatically by MacOS clients

    - NAS storage: add CLI command to control AFP spotlight indexing

    - Hardware: improved support for Fibre Channel HBAs


    - UI: flash cache hits percentage widget always reports 0.0%

    - AFP spotlight: searches that contain '-' and '.' return no results

    - APF spotlight: a lot of concurrent spotlight searches lead to some of them returning no results

    - NAS storage: kernel virtual memory fragmentation leads to hanging

    - NAS storage: can't export pools with active Spotlight indexing

    - VMware: NFS Datastore mounted with trailing slash is not mapped to local dataset

    - Hardware: physical view for Ultra 205 is missing

    - Hardware: physical view for dual-head 24 bay appliances renders only 12 bays