- New dashboard with valuable details at first glance

    - Physical disks management

    - Automatically detect when a disk is added/removed from the storage array

    - Replace a healthy disk, to be able to grow disk pool size

    - Disk pools management

    - Disk pool integrity check with scheduling

    - Disk pool audit log download

    - Support for Spotlight searches for AFP shares

    - More granular access permissions for files shared with AFP

    - Show remote support numbers from CLI

    - Disk pools can be created/expanded with disks which contain other filesystems

    - Removed disks are shown when spare disk kicks in

    - HA cluster supports multiple IPs per resource


    - System memory is used more efficiently

    - Improved network performance on 10Gbps hyper converged machines

    - Faster detect of failing disks

    - Improved support for vSphere 6.0

    - Support for VMware VAAI for Block

    - Up to 30% speed improvement over SMB and NFS protocols

    - Browsing large folders in Finder over AFP protocol is now up to 40 times faster


    - NTP settings sync between HA cluster nodes

    - Network interfaces show more details about HA cluster interfaces, won’t allow certain operations

    - Deletion of missing interfaces