Applies to: all versions

This article helps you to create a new virtual switch using VMware ESXi Embedded Host Client.

The virtual switch can be used for Syneto replication, or if you want to isolate specific network traffic.

Step 1. Power-off SynetoOS.

Step 2. Login to SynetoOS and click "Shut down" button.

Step 3. Login ESXi using "root" user and current password.

Step 4. Go to "Networking > Virtual switches", fill in a new "vSwitch" name, verify "Uplink 1" field and click "Add" button.


Step 5. Create a new "Port group" and select "Virtual switch" field.

Step 6. Go to SynetoOS VM and clicking on Edit , then add a new network adapter. Make sure to select VMXNET3.

Step 7. Click "Save" and power-on SynetoOS VM.