This article helps you to create a new virtual switch using VMware ESXi Embedded Host Client.

The virtual switch can be used for Syneto replication, or if you want to isolate specific network traffic.

Step 1: Access SynetoOS Web UI 

  • From the upper tool bar find the Settings icon and click on it to access it's option panel
  • Use Shut down button selecting only Management VM

Step 2: Access ESXi Web UI

Step 3: Add a new virtual switch

  •  Go to Networking > Virtual switches 
  • Add a new Virtual Switch
  • Choose a name of your preference, select the physical network card and finish the operation by clicking on Add


Step 4: Create a new Port Group

  • Go to the Port group tab from the Networking dashboard and hit the Add port group option
  • Set a name for the new port group and select on the Virtual switch field the vswitch that was created on the steps above

Step 5: Add a new Network adapter on the SynetoOS VM

  • From SynetoOS virtual machine Edit Settings add a network adapter

  • Select the Port group you just created for this scope
  • Make sure that the Adapter Type is set as VMXNET3 
  • Click save to finish the process

Step 6: Reboot SynetoOS VM