Applies to: all versions

This article helps you to create a new virtual switch using VMware ESXi Embedded Host Client.

The virtual switch can be used for Syneto replication, or if you want to isolate specific network traffic.

1. Login to SynetoOS and click "Shut down" button selecting only "Management VM".

2. Login ESXi web UI using "root" user and current password.

3. Go to "Networking > Virtual switches", create a new "vSwitchxx" name, select and verify physical network card "Uplink 1" field or add more Uplink and click "Add" button.


4. Create a new "Port group" and select "Virtual switch" field.

5. Go to SynetoOS VM and clicking on "Edit" , then add a new network adapter. Make sure to select "VMXNET3" in adapter type field.

7. Click "Save" and power-on SynetoOS VM.