Applies to: All versions

You might end up in the situation where a Virtual machine or more appears as invalid or orphaned in your ESXi hypervisor. This situation may occur when you delete the datastore first and not the virtual machines. On SynetoOS 4 this will never happen because when you delete a datastore, virtual machines are unregistered and deleted automatically.

Since we do not have a vCenter, we try to delete or to unregister the invalid virtual machine using the ESXi Embedded Host Client but as you can see below, both options are greyed out.

We have this workaround for you. All you have to do is to select the invalid virtual machines and one running virtual machine, in my case SynetoOS.

After you select SynetoOS as running virtual machine, the Unregister option will be available in ESXi Embedded Host Client. Go ahead an click unregister. Click Yes on the confirmation window. That is it.

A little demo video: