To control file access, the Syneto Storage allows extended user and group management. There are two types of accounts: local (stored on the storage) and imported from an Active Directory. This page describes how to manipulate the users and groups. The web application page is located under System > User accounts.


1. Adding a user
Go to the Accounts tab and press the New local user button. Fill out the details and press Add > New local user to add the new user.


2. Search for a user
In the upper left corner, the Storage has a search bar that allows for easy searching of users.


3. Edit user

To edit a user, select it and click on the Edit button. After you’ve changed the desired fields, click on the Update button to save them, otherwise, all your changes will be lost. The username and id cannot be changed since they are unique for each user.




4. Delete user
To delete a specific user you must select it and then press the Delete button in the information screen on the right. 



1. Adding a group
Similar to adding a user, in order to add a new group press the New local group button on the right of the screen and enter the name and the group id.


2. Search for a group
In the upper left corner, the Storage has a search bar that allows easy searching for users or groups. The procedure is similar to user searching.

3. Delete a group
To delete a group, select the desired one and click on the Delete button in the upper-right corner on the information screen.


Active Directory integration

Please refer to the Active Directory document on how to use AD users and groups.