Analytics Page

The various graphics in this section will allow you to analyze historical performance statistics going back as far as one year.


Note: For accurate charts, make sure that the time is synchronized between the storage and the client machine you use to manage it. 

Adding an Analytics Graph

To add a new type of graphic to your page, click on the Add graph button and choose a data series.

Add Graph

Deleting a Graph

To stop displaying a chart, click on the close button situated in the upper right corner of the graph.(the Xicon)

Statistics Interval

The time period shown in the graphs is configurable. You can choose to see the statistics spanning a period of time stretching from 5 minutes ago up to a month ago.



To zoom in on the graphics just select a portion. All the graphs shown on the page will zoom into that period of time. To restore the default zoom level, click on the Zoom out button as many time as it is required, or simply select the time interval you wish to see on the graphs as shown above.


Saving a Layout

The structure of the page is saved every time you add or remove a graphic. To also save the interval and refresh period, click on the Save layout button.